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Wikis September 14, 2006

Posted by greentreadmill in College, Wikipedia, Wikis.
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Wikis are shared work spaces on the Web. The best-known example is Wikpedia, the free online encyclopedia that (according to its masthead) anyone can edit. Is your organization listed? Check it out. You may be surprised. The college I work for is, yet no one on the PR staff knows who provided the information.

I have a wiki for collaborative writing projects. I’ve found that is an effective way to draft and rework documents, especially if you are working with individuals who are hard to schedule or at a distance. The web-based products make it easy to revise documents and track revisions.

We also have several college committees using wikis to document and edit research projects.

Here’s a link to HowStuffWorks.com’s article about wikis.

I’ve used JotSpot and PB Wiki; but, like blog hosting services, there are dozens – maybe hundreds of providers. Many offer free services. Wikipedia offers a comparison of Wiki “farms,”