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High Tech Turf February 3, 2007

Posted by greentreadmill in Sports, Technology, TV.
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It’s half time and, as the teams leave the field, the playing surface is transformed in to a football field size TV, the mother of all monitors. Sportexe, a prominent maker of synthetic turf, has developed a new surface that does just that, melding fiber optics with AstroTurf.  It’s called Turf TV.

Imagine all the possibilities! Gigantic slow motion replays. A field size flag during the national anthem. A beer commercial visible from the space shuttle. A recent story in Forbes Magazine provides a lot of detail and does a great job of proposing potential uses for the new product.

A Turf TV football field will cost $1.5 million, three times the cost of competing artificial surfaces and eight times the cost of a real grass field.  Sportexe argues that the cost of maintenance of grass surfaces levels the playing field, so to speak.  They also predict that the high tech surface will become a must for major sports venues because of the potential for advertising revenue.

And you thought the Viagra billboard behind the batter during baseball telecasts was annoying.


Air guitar technology advances November 14, 2006

Posted by greentreadmill in Just Plain Goofy, Music, Technology, YouTube.
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File under goofy technology from down under!

It seems this guy from Austraila has developed an air guitar t-shirt. Fibers in the shirt interpret arm movements and send signals to a computer that plays the audio. Cool!