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Soundtrack Your Blog with SongSpot December 13, 2006

Posted by greentreadmill in Blogs and Blogging, Fun, mashups, Music, web 2.0.
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[sonific 61e7edb3ff01178b316a375c6c35c6b4e65c949c]

WordPress.com, the service that hosts this blog, has added support for Sonific SongSpot. The service alows you to add a music player to a posting or the blog’s sidebar. A variety of music can be selected from Sonific’s library, which, I must admit, I found disappointing and lacking in familiar music. The library does feature a lot of classical selections, however.

Learn more at sonific.com.

WordPress users may find this recent posting from WordPress.com helpful. Sonific supports many other popular blog publishing services, including blogger.


Mashups – Putting it All Together September 22, 2006

Posted by greentreadmill in mashups.
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Many Web 2.0 services have the potential to share content with blogs. For example, in the sidebar to the right there is a window that displays recent photos from my Flickr account. There is also a section that displays tagged links from my del.icio.us account. Elements that display information from another source are called “mashups”. In this instance, these mashups are accomplished by selecting “widgets” from the WordPress presentation dashboard, a relatively simple process.

Mashups can present an amazing range of materials, including video, audio, photography, links, news feeds, maps, and communications tools.

The Wikipedia entry for “mashup” provides a lot of additional information.