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Video Captures Web 2.0 February 8, 2007

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Google Web 2.0 and you will discover more than 400,000 of links referencing Web 2.0 and the evolving read/write Web, What is Web 2.0 and why is it important? Kansas State University professor Michael Wesch‘s video, Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us, does a great job of introducing the topic in a brief and visually stimulating form. I recommend viewing it before you read all those postings.

The video is posted on YouTube with Creative Commons license.

I came across the video at Far from a Shining Star, Barry Dahl’s technology themed blog. Barry’s always a couple of steps ahead of me, so you might want to eliminate the middleman and start reading his postings.

Oh, and if you’re among the 158,000 downloaders who have already seen it, never mind.


High Tech Turf February 3, 2007

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It’s half time and, as the teams leave the field, the playing surface is transformed in to a football field size TV, the mother of all monitors. Sportexe, a prominent maker of synthetic turf, has developed a new surface that does just that, melding fiber optics with AstroTurf.  It’s called Turf TV.

Imagine all the possibilities! Gigantic slow motion replays. A field size flag during the national anthem. A beer commercial visible from the space shuttle. A recent story in Forbes Magazine provides a lot of detail and does a great job of proposing potential uses for the new product.

A Turf TV football field will cost $1.5 million, three times the cost of competing artificial surfaces and eight times the cost of a real grass field.  Sportexe argues that the cost of maintenance of grass surfaces levels the playing field, so to speak.  They also predict that the high tech surface will become a must for major sports venues because of the potential for advertising revenue.

And you thought the Viagra billboard behind the batter during baseball telecasts was annoying.