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Soundtrack Your Blog with SongSpot December 13, 2006

Posted by greentreadmill in Blogs and Blogging, Fun, mashups, Music, web 2.0.

[sonific 61e7edb3ff01178b316a375c6c35c6b4e65c949c]

WordPress.com, the service that hosts this blog, has added support for Sonific SongSpot. The service alows you to add a music player to a posting or the blog’s sidebar. A variety of music can be selected from Sonific’s library, which, I must admit, I found disappointing and lacking in familiar music. The library does feature a lot of classical selections, however.

Learn more at sonific.com.

WordPress users may find this recent posting from WordPress.com helpful. Sonific supports many other popular blog publishing services, including blogger.



1. gleonhard - December 14, 2006

Gary, this is Sonific’s CEO, Gerd Leonhard. We have about 70.000 songs available now, including stuff from Echo and the Bunnymen and, soon, the Barenaked Ladies. We are adding another 50-80k tracks shortly but it will be a while before we get major artists that are signed to major labels… you may guess why !! You could always email them to speed this up, though ;). Btw, to find stuff quicker, try the featured artists in each genre – there is some really good stuff there. Thanks.

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