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Video Captures Web 2.0 February 8, 2007

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Google Web 2.0 and you will discover more than 400,000 of links referencing Web 2.0 and the evolving read/write Web, What is Web 2.0 and why is it important? Kansas State University professor Michael Wesch‘s video, Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us, does a great job of introducing the topic in a brief and visually stimulating form. I recommend viewing it before you read all those postings.

The video is posted on YouTube with Creative Commons license.

I came across the video at Far from a Shining Star, Barry Dahl’s technology themed blog. Barry’s always a couple of steps ahead of me, so you might want to eliminate the middleman and start reading his postings.

Oh, and if you’re among the 158,000 downloaders who have already seen it, never mind.


High Tech Turf February 3, 2007

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It’s half time and, as the teams leave the field, the playing surface is transformed in to a football field size TV, the mother of all monitors. Sportexe, a prominent maker of synthetic turf, has developed a new surface that does just that, melding fiber optics with AstroTurf.  It’s called Turf TV.

Imagine all the possibilities! Gigantic slow motion replays. A field size flag during the national anthem. A beer commercial visible from the space shuttle. A recent story in Forbes Magazine provides a lot of detail and does a great job of proposing potential uses for the new product.

A Turf TV football field will cost $1.5 million, three times the cost of competing artificial surfaces and eight times the cost of a real grass field.  Sportexe argues that the cost of maintenance of grass surfaces levels the playing field, so to speak.  They also predict that the high tech surface will become a must for major sports venues because of the potential for advertising revenue.

And you thought the Viagra billboard behind the batter during baseball telecasts was annoying.

Karaoke Site January 31, 2007

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I’m reluctant to recommend karaoke in any form, but Singshot is an addictive song-recording and sharing site with a growing following. Don’t look for any recordings by me. It’s not my thing, but I do have a friend who is hooked.

Like many web 2.0 applications, singshot.com is focused on creating a community. The site provides an opportunity to record personal versions of thousands of popular songs. The recordings are rated by other members of the community and there are contests.

A little rehearsal might help. And if people get an idea what they sound like, well…that could be a good thing.

Soundtrack Your Blog with SongSpot December 13, 2006

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[sonific 61e7edb3ff01178b316a375c6c35c6b4e65c949c]

WordPress.com, the service that hosts this blog, has added support for Sonific SongSpot. The service alows you to add a music player to a posting or the blog’s sidebar. A variety of music can be selected from Sonific’s library, which, I must admit, I found disappointing and lacking in familiar music. The library does feature a lot of classical selections, however.

Learn more at sonific.com.

WordPress users may find this recent posting from WordPress.com helpful. Sonific supports many other popular blog publishing services, including blogger.

Another Interesting Idea for a Wiki – Quotiki November 26, 2006

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Looking for a quote. Try quotiki.com. Like Wikipedia, quotiki relies on its registered users to build a data base of quotations.

Air guitar technology advances November 14, 2006

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File under goofy technology from down under!

It seems this guy from Austraila has developed an air guitar t-shirt. Fibers in the shirt interpret arm movements and send signals to a computer that plays the audio. Cool!

Tracking projects and tasks November 14, 2006

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There’s too much worth doing – Choose wisely.

– the Voo2do Web site

For some time now, I’ve been looking for a web-based way to share information about projects and tasks in the department I manage. I recently happened across Voo2do, a web-based todo list with a really bad name. Voo2do allows you to identify projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, share notes and track time needed to accomplish the tasks. I’ve just started playing with and have found it to be promising.

Create a personal radio station November 6, 2006

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Pandora, created by the Music Genome Project, provides access to a huge library of music and the ability to create multiple “Internet radio stations.” It promises to help you discover more music you’ll like. In my opinion, it lives up to that promise. I’m listening to my personal Dire Staits station as I write and I’m hearing several artist I haven’t been exposed to before, including some very good blues acts.

You begin by requesting an account at pandora.com. Then create a station by entering an artist or song title. Pandora serves up a song by the requested artist or a song with musical characteristics that are similar to your request. You have the option to give each song a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating, and you can skip a limited number of selections by clicking a fast forward button. Over time, Pandora uses you input to fine tune your station.

You can drill down for more information and purchase music by following sponsor links to Amazon.com and iTunes. That’s how it’s funded, I guess.
The service does have some quirks because of its licensing agreements. For example, you can’t request a specific song and the service limits the number of songs you can skip.

Is this your professor? October 14, 2006

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This video, “The Zany Professor,” has more that 269,000 viewings on YouTube as of this posting. The comments associated with it are brutal. But, who knows what’s happening here? The professor might be a diabetic having an extreme blood sugar low.

Note: YouTube recently removed this  video at the request of copyright owner University of Florida because its content was used without permission (11/6/06).

Skype – Free Phone Calls & Video Conferencing October 13, 2006

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Skype is amazing. Use it to make phone calls, video conference or instant message – all for free. Of course, you can purchase additional services; they have to make money somehow. These premium offerings allow you to make and receiving calls to and from landlines and mobile phones and provide voicemail and call forwarding services.

A friend of mine is in China. This morning, when I turned on my computer, I checked my Skype account and was surprised to see that he was available. Thinking that bandwidth might be an issue, I used Skype’s instant messaging feature to contact him. He replyed by initiating a video call. Within seconds, we had a video connection and I was talking face to face with my friend halfway across the world. Like I said – amazing!

Check it out at skype.com.

Skype does have some shortcomings. It can’t completely replace your phone, for example, because it can’t be uses to contact 911 services.